The Curriculum

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Academic processes and procedures at KYIV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY is done within the accompanying forms: classrooms classes (classrooms classes, labs, practical, workshop classes, seminars and consultations), practicing of individual works and projects, undergraduate's individual work, functional trainings and control measures.

Lecture is the primary type of leading training sessions, which is intended for learning material in the theoretically way with the utilization of scientific accomplishments and achievements and defines the essential content of all training sessions.

Practical trainings are the form of classes, where theoretical knowledge of a specialization manner is practiced for the better of the students. Abilities, skills and practical experience are functionally executed. Usage of practically environment advances the students into various tasks and fields.

Classes where the students intensifies their theoretical knowledge in their stream, become the experienced one in the methodology of accomplishing the research and experiments into their specified stream and conduct the practical on their own yet under the guidance of a specialized and experienced faculty, obtain the convenient knowledge of working with laboratory apparatuses, computers, instruments etc.

Seminars are basically another form of training sessions where an experienced and applicable instructor/lecturer arranges and organizes the healthy discussion on some previously learned and academic topics. Students get to prepare their performances on the basis of individual assignments which could be in the form of essays and topics etc.

Consultations also come under the practically learned training sessions for students. In this, a student receives the knowledge and information in the form of answers from the teachers for the specific questions they ask and also explains certain academic positions or aspects of their practical submission. The Department carries out present and pre-existing consultations.

Individual tasks are the tasks which are assigned to one for making him/her perfect in carrying out the various tasks such as with patient histories, collection of papers, taking calculations and drawings. These tasks are provided to the students to carry out amidst their course which is provided in their subjects. Individual tasks are basically performed from the side of the students separately and with the help of teacher’s consultation.

Individual work of a student should be done during the period and which will be free from educational classes in university. The structure and material of independent work is taken under the control of curriculum of academic training. The methodology for the good learning is managed by purposeful course to the students.

Independent or individual work is a good approach for the students to get a better way in learning the course material. This phase of learning includes a student’s dynamic movement, acquiring new information from course structure, manuals, books, and many other unlisted things.