Student Working Hours

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Students in KMU have a tight schedule for there working hours. The academic session of KMU commences from first day of September and lasts for next twelve months. We prepare working hours of student in such a way that they could easily handle their chores along with their studies. We ensures that the scheduling of working hour do not create pressure on students. Our working hour includes Academic hours, Independent work, Examination session hours, Practical training hours and Vacations, Curricular Activities hour.

The Academic hour is further divided on the basis of course and semesters like academic day, academic week and semesters. In every academic session the student studies their theoretical and practical courses.

The academic session of students are divided into academic semesters, each semester includes a different course syllabus. After completion of each academic semester students are passed on to the next semester only after the Rector has certified him/her. The Rector certifies students on the basis of their progress in examination session of each semester.

The academic semester is a subset of academic year and the duration of academic semester is decided by the concerned authorities.

Each academic week include five working days approximately 27-29 working hours of classroom training at CMSOAP, 32-35 working hours of classroom training at traditional study system. There are two off days in a week, Saturday and Sunday, while on Saturday students those who have missed some of their classes in the week can backup.

Our training hours lasts for 2 to 3 hours as per the academic time table.

There are two vacations in KMU every year one in winter and another in summer according to academic schedule and process.