Student Accommodation

The facilities for our students

We are different, but we are together! We ensure for all the facilities for our students who lives in our university hostel. Living in hostel will give you instant access to our libraries, sport facilities and much more.

Our Hostel is a second home for our university students who come from different parts of their native land and other countries.

Here is some brief information about our accommodations:

  1. Address: 02 019, m. Kyiv, vul. Gorlivska, 124 (you can get there by bus number 45 and 45d of Kharkiv Metro or Darnitsya);
  2. The hostel is located 7 minutes. walk from the main building (Kharkiv highway, 121);
  3. The five-storey corridor of the system;
  4. To ensure comfortable living conditions and self-service function:
    • Laundry;
    • Coffee Shop;
    • Reading room with free internet (Wi-Fi);
    • Assembly Hall;
    • Male and female showers;
    • Each floor has 2 kitchens, 2 wash rooms, 6 bathrooms.
  1. For nonresident students are provided accommodation of 2, 3, 4, 5 tymisni room. Double room type suite with its own shower and toilet.
  2. Safety dorm provides security firm employees under access control and internal regulations in the hostel.
  3. Organization of the administration is engaged in a dormitory in the person of vice president, which are subject to the commandant and educator.
  4. Effective governments are Student Council.
  5. Near the hostel is a good infrastructure (supermarkets, hospitals, pharmacies, gyms, parks, lakes, temples, etc).