Scientific Activity

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KMU,A Medical University in Ukraine, focuses on making a Research and Development environment in order to lift up the students in their scientific activity. The University aims to make science hub to give a charm on student’s scientific and innovative activities. Every year university arranges science exhibitions and science fairs to hunt out the talented and pioneered students, following are the scientific activities carried out by the university:-

  • Medical problems from consequences of Chernobyl catastrophe (peculiarities for run of diseases, study of complex action of radio nuclides and heavy metals on human health)
  • Urgent problems in pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology (problems in miscarrying of pregnancy, prevention from complications at childbirths, health of mother and child), social important diseases at children and teenagers (arterial hypertension, diabetes mellitus of 1st type)
  • Hygienic problems of environment, preservation of health and prevention of infectious diseases among population of Ukraine (standardization of exogenous chemical substances in soil, study of influence of heavy metals, pesticides, etc. on human health)
  • Development of new pathogenesis based technologies in cardiology and rheumatology (CHD, hypertension, chronic erythematous, rheumatoid, arthritis, etc.)
  • Diagnostics, treatment and prevention of diseases of gastrointestinal tract and organs in hepatic biliary system (gastric ulcer, cholelithiasis, acute pancreatitis, etc.)
  • Issues on pathogenesis, diagnostics, treatment and prevention of dental diseases
  • Certain medical problems on infectious diseases, phthisiology, urology, diseases of eyes, skin, nervous diseases, etc.
  • Optimization of study and upbringing the students at medical schools.

Developments. During these activities, Students get chance to show their potential in their interested fields of medical science. Our students have keen interest on participation of various scientific activities, some of them come with their own ideas of development in medical science and other participates on the ongoing scientific activities. Students make their own scientific and research communities. All these activities help our student to be a successful doctors, researchers and innovators. The experience they gain during the scientific activities helps them to be a professional in their field.

All activities are sustained under the guidance of highly experienced doctors and specialists in the field of medical science. All our scientific divisions and activities are guided by the famous scientists of Ukraine and abroad. So MBBS in Ukraine is a Good Option for those who aspire to be a brilliant doctor.

Our clinical scientific research is carried out under the guidance of the bioethical expertise commission groups that are planned and prepared at university.