Rules for Admission

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To take MBBS admission in Ukraine International students follow the same requirements as per mentioned by the authorized regulatory of Kyiv Medical University in Ukraine. Students wishing to be a part of this university can seek admission in mbbs. Kyiv Medical University carried out the admission in Ukraine as direct admission in mbbs as well as regular admission in mbbs which is to be carried out following the rules and regulations of Kyiv Medical University. These procedural steps are followed as per the university’s criterion for admission into mbbs:

  • Seeking applications can make an entry to the university taking the form of soft & hard copies such as: electronic structure, papers etc which show the choice of a student for his specialization and field to continue his learning ahead.
  • A student may have to submit an application or applications for admission in the form of paper or electronically choosing no more than five universities in Ukraine and no more than special area of interest of training or three fields of training in each of them. Applications to the University for the duration of study or major in distinctive forms of preparing given by a contestant alone, yet considered the fact of filing a claim.
  • The reality that each application in paper structure (demonstrating the originals or duplicates of the documents attached to the application) is enlisted by the authorized individual selection committee in single database quickly when making the application.
  • The application of admissions get registered in a single database which can be easily reversed by a decision of the university admissions committee until the applicant gets included into the recommended enrollment scholars list, provided that the procedural errors when entering related information to a solitary base and as verified by an act admitted as a mistake, formed in a single database.
  • Disregarded application is measured as filed and the detail of such filing shall be ignored in a distinct database so he/she can file a new application for the same specialty in university.
  • During the submission of applications to participate in the entrance examination, a student shall specify in each applicant’s application, the priority of the Declaration on the other his application, and the priority index of 1 means the highest priority.

Following are the necessary documents required:

  • Document certifying identity and citizenship (under Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship"), military ID or certificate of origin, certificate of birth - for persons age do not have a passport or other document proving identity and citizenship;
  • Document state of previously acquired education (educational qualification) level, through which the introduction and annex);
  • Certificate (s) external evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education
  • Document state of previously acquired education level, through which the entry and its annex, the personal choice of originals or copies;
  • Certificate (s) external evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education), the personal choice of originals or copies;
  • Copy of identity and citizenship;
  • Six color photographs 3 x 4 cm.