President’s Message

study medicine in ukraine in english

Dear friends!

Our University is one of the few private institutions of medical education in Ukraine. Since 1992, when Kyiv Medical University was founded, we were determined to achieve highest international standards of education and providing to our students only fundamental knowledge in medicine. We have succeeded in achieving this goal, which confirmed by recruiting our graduates by clinics in Ukraine and worldwide. Because a many students of KMU are foreign, today we provide teaching at KMU in Ukrainian, Russian and English, that supplies the huge opportunities in international occupational cooperation. Starting from the 1st course our students have an access to modern

medical knowledge by the international scientific libraries. Also we pay attention to the elective courses of folk medicine, like an ayurveda, homeopathy, yoga etc.

The university has the highest level of accreditation by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education and it recognised in the WHO's Avicenna directory of medical schools, colleges and universities as well as the International Medical Education Directory (IMED) of the United States among several other international regulatory bodies. Diplomas of Kyiv Medical University are recognised by the special medical councils of the lot of countries worldwide, including USA, Canada, UK and other. The curriculum and amount of educational hours of KMU's courses completely matches with EU standards of the medical education, which simplifies diploma nostrification of our graduates. From 2015 foreign graduates may get postgraduate education (e.g., internship) in Ukraine, in our university it is in best state and private clinics. Curriculum of KMU have a structure, which allows our graduates to be prepared to international certification exams.

The mission of our University is to create a team of professionals, directing and guiding their efforts at providing and ensuring possibilities for successful teaching of students, effective formation of student's medical professionalism and civil competence, skills in scientific research, abilities to accumulate and create new knowledge, the attribution to self-development and self-improvement, to student's professional growth and enhancement of their social status.

The University cherishes the finest overall civilizational and national values, moral and high medical ethics, complies with the principles of international conventions, forms student's and teacher's decency and accountability, justice and modesty, innovativeness and honesty, autonomy and sound teamwork, tolerance and wisdom.

Kyiv Mediсal University situated in the capital of Ukraine. Visiting here, you will be fascinated by the beauty of the ancient city of Kyiv, friendliness of its inhabitants, can get to know the unique Ukrainian culture – an integral part of the European Community.

We look forward to welcoming you in the Kyiv Medical University!