International Cooperation

international medical university

International Department of the Kyiv medical university of UAFM establishes and develops international relations and international cooperation in the field of medical Research with Universities, educational institutions, foreign citizens, research institutions, international organizations, foundations and others.

The university organized following events with a motive to give boost to international relations and tie-ups:

  1. Nyon (Switzerland) - Vitkovska SV (Acting Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry) - completion of EMS, based on treatment and prevention of diseases.
  2. Montreux (Switzerland) - Harnik TP (MD, Professor, Head of herbal medicine, homeopathy, medicine bioenerhoinformatsiynoyi) – Participationand presentation of report on “Status of Traditional Medicine in Ukraine" in international medical forum.
  3. Moscow (Russian Federation) - Kniazevych (Rector of the Kiev Medical University UAFM) - participated in the IV International Medical Congress "Zdravohranenye, the Russian Federation, CIS countries and Europe."
  4. Karlsruhe (Germany) - AY Senchuk (MD, Professor, Head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology) - participated in the scientific conference "Current issues of Obstetrics and Gynecology. Operative Gynecology ".
  5. Tokyo (Japan) - Politun (MD, Professor, Head of dentistry) - Participation in International Endodontic Congress as a speaker.
  6. Almaty (Kazakhstan) - Yakubov II (Acting Department of Pediatric Dentistry and therapeutic prevention of dental diseases) - participated in the XI Congress of Dental Limited.
  7. Zagreb (Croatia) - ZD Skrypnyck (Vice-Rector, Head of Normal Physiology, Biophysics, Medical Biology and Biochemistry) - participation in scientific seminar on Inform.
  8. Moscow (Russian Federation) - Politun (MD, Professor, Head of dentistry) - Participation in the III Congress of the Russian endodontic.
  9. Vienna (Austria) - Kniazevych (Rector UANM CMU) - Participation in the International Seminar "The availability of opioid analgesics for pain relief in Eastern Europe and Asia."
  10. Macau (China) - Pokanevych Alexander V. (CMU President UANM) - participated in the second inter-regional seminar WHO registration and licensing practices of folk and alternative medicine.

Apart from above activities Kyiv Medical University UANM also finished project initiated by the Government of the United States (CDC-Ukraine) together with Global Programme on AIDS in Ukraine and Russia, along with Center for Disease Control and Prevention Department of Health (CDC). The other partners involved were, Vestat- Westat »(USA), University Brandeyz -Brandeis Universities (USA), ICF "International HIV / AIDS Alliance in Ukraine

Kazakhstan Partnership

The university involvement in the South Kazakhstan Scientific and Practical Conference with international participation on the subject "The state of dental care for children's population of South Kazakhstan region& Innovations in dentistry" was highly appreciated.


Poland Partnership

The president of the Kiev Medical University UANM Pokanevych Alexander V. and Head of the Department of Pathological Anatomy, Histology and Forensic Medicine, Professor Sergey G. visited Poland (Silesia Province). The visit was very successful with following results:

  1. Create new joint training programs at the Faculty of "medicine", along with two recognized degrees Ukrainian as well as Polish
  2. Transfer of students for summer internship from Ukraine to Poland
  3. Partnership in science and exchange of scientific and academic staff
  4. Joint participation of Polish and Ukrainian students in scientific research, projects and grants from the European Union