Information For Parents

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We guide Parents to help them understand how the university works. Here we will explain how the parents can work with us to ensure that their son or daughter is successful and fulfils their potential. For any query feel free to contact our authorities.

What we expect from Students

Our expectation from students is that they follow the university Regulations. Students need to go through our agreement to abide by the college Regulations by signing our Student Contract. Our Student Contract is about respect for other people, staff, students or visitors to the college, and respect for their property and for the facilities of Kyiv Medical University which exist for the benefit of all our students in university. Students are therefore expected to help us create an environment where everyone feels safe and comfortable.

In particular, we expect our students to adhere to our standards and demonstrate:

  • No harassment to others
  • Excellency in behavior and positive attitude.
  • Excellent in attendance and punctuality
  • No use of abusive languages
  • Work, Practical and Assignments should be submitted on given time
  • Respect for the college site and the belongings of others

All students are expected to come to college fully equipped for learning, to work honestly in class and to behave well when using our facilities such as the library and the laboratory.

Parents can also provide their support from home by:

  • Taking an interest in the work and progress of your son or daughter.
  • Reminding them of the need to do independent study.
  • Advising your son or daughter by reminding them that their studies are prior to their social life especially when deadlines of examinations and coursework commences.
  • Knowing the routine of your son or daughter that they follow and ensuring that they are attending classes in college.
  • Informing us immediately if your son or daughter is ill or unable to attend college for any reasons not known to us.
  • Inform us of anything which would be beneficial for us to know in order to support your son or daughter in university, or to meet their individual needs.