Medical Faculty

Dean of the Faculty of Medical
Associate Professor Vladimir Stadnik

He was born on May 26, 1960 in the village V.Klitna Krasyliv district Khmelnitsky region of Ukraine. In 1983 he graduated from the medical faculty of the Kyiv State Medical Institute with specialty in "medicine". During 1983-1988 he studied in clinical residency and did fellowship in 1988. After defending his doctoral dissertation he became an assistant professor of general surgery of the National Medical University.

He is assistant professor of surgical diseases of the Kyiv Medical Institute UAFM since 1994. He is the dean of the medical faculty of the institute since 1998 and published 78 research papers on scientific works, 3 patents and 4 monographs. Sir Vladimir is also known for his excellence in public education of Ukraine. He was honored by prize of the USSR and was awarded the Diploma of Ministry of Health of Ukraine for successful development of education in preparing students in terms of recovery and development of national education in Ukraine.


Senchuk AJ

Designation- Head of Department, PhD
Department- Obstetrics and Gynecology


Tamara V. Kirik

Designation-Head of Department, PhD
Department- Human Anatomy & operativesurgery .


Tamara V. Kirik

Designation- Head of Department, PhD, A.Professor
Department- Humanities and Physical Education

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Korsak Konstantin V

Designation- PhD, Professor

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Debych MA

Designation- PhD, Assistant Professor


Lyalin Olga

Designation- Teacher
Subject-Russian Language for foreign student

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Kirik Mary A. c

Designation- Teacher
Subject- Fundamentals of economic theory

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Red'ko-Shpak LV

Designation- Teacher
Subject- humanities, languages and physical education


Chaban TI

Designation- Head of Department, Professor
Department- Child Diseases.

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Vasily Pavlovich Miller

Designation- HOD, MD, HD of Ukraine, Academician, Professor
Department- Infectious Diseases

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Skrypniuk Zenoviy D

Designation- HOD, Professor, Doctor of Science
Department- Normal Physiology


Skiba V

Designation- HOS, Professor, Doctor
Department- Surgical diseases

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Megeda Vladimir

Designation- HOD, Professor, MD
Department- Department of Hygiene

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Inessa I. Yakubov

Designation- HOD, Doctor of Medicine
Department- Pediatric Therapeutic Dentistry


Matias Mikhail

Designation- HOD, Doctor of Medicine, H. Doctor of Ukraine
Department- Neurology

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Doroshenko SI

Designation- HOD, Dr. of Medicine, Honored Dr. of Ukraine
Department- Prosthetic Dentistry and Orthodontics

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Timofeev AA

Designation- HOD, MD, Honored Worker of Science of Ukraine, Chief specialist of Health of Ukraine in "maxillofacial surgery"
Department- Operative Dentistry and Maxillofacial Surgery


Name- Politun Antonina

Designation- HOD, Professor, MD, President of Ukrainian Endodontic Association
Department- Therapeutic Stomatology

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Veselovskaya Zoya F

Chief of Department of Ophthalmology of Kiev Medical Universit
Correspondent-member of National Academy of Medical Science of Ukraine, Ноnour Doctor of Ukraine MD., professor