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During the academic year, university conducts events like cultural & sports festivals, tournaments between various departments and hostels. University also conducts workshops & seminars for students with creative abilities, love for music & art, culture and physical fitness.

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University celebrates all state holidays according to calendar, concerts & festivals are held. University has everything which is necessary for holding performances, concerts, conferences, lectures and public meeting. Few exhibitions of paintings of Ukrainian painters were held, video-film about Ukraine was demonstrated and booklets about Ukraine were distributed.

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Guests of the event also had an opportunity to see arts of children. University actively functions for improvement of leisure time and students’ creative abilities. A great variety of clubs and societies are placed here. Among them there is the studio of art, art and crafts, artistic photo, ensemble of folk song and dance of Ukraine, vocal-instrumental ensemble, students’ theatre and choreographic studio, etc.Various seminars are conducted by university on finding social experience, forming national self-awareness, humanistic morality, felling of humanity and mercy, dignity and responsibility for health of people.