Entry Requirements

good medical schools

The admission of foreigners is carried out according to the Law of Ukraine «About legal status of foreigners and persons without citizenship» (with changes), Decrees of President of Ukraine dated 25.03.94, No 112 «About measures on development of economic collaboration in areas of Ukraine with the contiguous boundary areas of Russian Federation» and dated 03.06.94, No 271 «About measures on development of economic collaboration in areas of Ukraine with the contiguous areas of Republic Byelorussia and of administrative territorial units of Republic Moldova», decisions of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 26.02.93, No 136 «About studies of foreign citizens in Ukraine» (with changes) and dated 05.08.98, No 1238 «About approval of the Provisions on admission of foreigners and persons without citizenship for studies to higher educational establishments».

Foreigners, who get the state grants due to international agreements, national programs, other international obligations of Ukraine, are accepted for studies on the basis of directions from Ministry of education and science within the limits of government order. The reception of foreigners for studies is carried out on the basis of international agreements of Ukraine;national programs;agreements, made by higher educational establishments with legal and natural entities.

The admission of foreigners for studies under international agreements and national programs is carried out due to the procedure, set by these documents.

Foreigners are enrolled to higher educational establishments within Ukraine on the basis of direction from Ministry of Education.

The acceptance of documents to the university is carried out since July, 1, until October, 1 of an academic year.. Procedure for admission of a foreign student.

Step 1- DOCUMENTATION and APPLICATION- The first step in securing a place to study in KYIV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF UAFM is to have proper documentation ready. The Documents required shall be

  • A valid international passport (For preparing the invitation)
  • Higher school qualification record with physics, chemistry, biology and English as compulsory subjects.

As a rule the below mentioned certificates and their equivalents comply

  • The senior school certificate.
  • GCSE standard certificate.
  • West African GCE a-level certificate.
  • GCE A-level standardcertificate.
  • Standard XII in the higher secondary school certificates.
  • SijilTinggiPersekolahan Malaysia (STPM)

The information above is intended only for guidance purposes and does not constitute any form of guarantee. All applications will be considered on an individual basis. If you have qualifications from a country not listed above, please contact the International office for details of equivalence.

A reasonable standard of English will be needed by students to complete a course successfully.

Date of Birth Certificate.

Statement of purpose directed to the rector.

Step 2- ADMISSION-On successful submission of the above mentioned documents to the rector’s office personally (This step is taken care of generally by official representatives) followed by the review of academic standings of the student a provisional admission confirmation letter with a confirmation to transfer 10% of the tuition fee to the University Bank account is offered.

Step 3- PLACE CONFIRMATION-On confirmation of payment of 10% of tuition fee to the University bank Account either by the student or by the representative and payment of the invitation charges an invitation letter for study shall be issued in the name of the student and sent in original to him/her or the representative. This payment secures a place for the candidate in the chosen course provided he arrives in the territory of Ukraine before the deadline of admission.

Step 4- VISA- on successful receipt of the invitation the student must apply to the Embassy of Ukraine in his/her country for obtaining a student visa with all the necessary documents. List of documents required and other formalities details can be obtained from the website of the Embassy of Ukraine in the particular country of application.

NB- The visa formalities are generally taken care of by the official university representative in that country.

STEP 5 – ARRIVAL- On arrival at an airport in Ukraine the student shall be met by one of the University representative and assisted in the transfer to the University campus/hostel where he/she will have to make the payment of remaining 90% of the payment and other applicable charges such as accommodation, Medical Insurance and other over head expenses.

On completion of the payments the student will be made to enter a contract with the university for the entire duration of study at KYIV MEDICAL UNIVERSITY OF UAFM and shall be granted permission to start his classes.

This shall complete the admission process