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Starts in spring

The Admission for our university starts in spring. The applications are open from mid April to Mid August. The course generally commences from Sep 01 and the last date to join the course is Nov 14.

The admission to the University will follow license within the licensed number of the medical, dental and pharmaceutical departments.

Citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and stateless persons residing in Ukraine legally have appropriate educational rights to pursue higher education in the university.

Foreigners and stateless persons permanently residing in Ukraine and have been granted refugee status in Ukraine shall be accepted to the University in the manner prescribed for the citizens of Ukraine.

Admission to the University for all educational and skill level is the contest regardless of funding source.

For applicants who require settlement in a dormitory during exams, are allocated in the hostel.

Organization of admission to the university

  • Organization of admitting students to the university entrance examination exercises are approved by the rector, who is its chairman.
  • Rector of the University enforces legislation of Ukraine, including those required for admission to higher education institutions, admission to the University, as well as the openness and transparency of the selection committee.
  • University creates conditions enabling applicants with a license to conduct educational activities, certificates of accreditation relevant field (specialty). Admission, information about the licensed number for each specialization and educational level, including the number of places allocated for admission without competition, published on the notice boards of the selection committee and on the official website of the University not later than the second business the day following the approval / consent or obtain the relevant information.
  • All issues related to admission to the University Admissions Committee resolved at its meetings. The decision of the selection committee shall be published on the notice boards of the selection committee and on the official website of the university, as a rule, the date of adoption, but no later than the day following the decision.
  • Admission to the University for educational and skill levels are carried out by competition.

Procedure of admission applications and documents to the University

  • Applicants applying for entry to university in paper or electronic form, which indicate the direction of specialty and learning
  • An applicant may submit an application (applications) in paper or electronically no more than five universities in Ukraine and no more than three areas of training (three specialties) in each of them. Applications to the University for a Course of study (major) in different forms of training given by an entrant alone, but considered the fact of filing a claim.
  • The fact that every application in paper form (showing the original or copies of the documents attached to the application) is registered by the authorized person selection committee in single database immediately when making the application.
  • The application registered in a single database, can be reversed by a decision of the university admissions committee until the applicant inclusion in the lists of recommended enrollment allowance provided technical errors when entering relevant data to a single base, as evidenced by an act admitted a mistake, formed in a single database. Canceled application is considered filed, and the fact of such filing shall be canceled in a single database, which reported an applicant receiving a commission date of the decision, then he can file a new application for the same specialty in university.
  • During the submission of applications for participation in the competition entrant shall specify in each application the priority of the Declaration on the other his application, and the priority index of 1 means the highest priority.

Following are the necessary documents required:

  • Document certifying identity and citizenship (under Article 5 of the Law of Ukraine "On Citizenship"), military ID or certificate of origin, certificate of birth - for persons age do not have a passport or other document proving identity and citizenship;
  • Document state of previously acquired education (educational qualification) level, through which the introduction and annex);
  • Certificate (s) external evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education.
  • Document state of previously acquired education level, through which the entry and its annex, the personal choice of originals or copies;
  • Certificate (s) external evaluation (for applicants on the basis of complete secondary education), the personal choice of originals or copies;
  • Copy of identity and citizenship;
  • Six color photographs 3 x 4 cm.

Other documents or copies shall be submitted by an entrant if this is due to special conditions of enrollment in the relevant areas of study (majors), established by law, within the period specified for receipt of the documents in Section V of the Rules, the Admission Committee for making the first decision to recommend applicants for admission.

The value of the minimum number of points for each subject in the certificate external testing (entrance exams), which entrant may be allowed to participate in the contest or enrolled in the study out of the competition, but not less than 120 points from non-core and 140 points from core subjects.

All copies shall be certified by the receiving originals (Preliminary) Commission of the University to which they are submitted, or in accordance with legislation. Copies of documents without having the originals are not considered.

Applicants referred to in section VII of this Regulation shall submit an application in paper form and documents proving their right to the entrance exams in high school.

Statements in electronic format may be filed by applicants who wish to participate in the competition on the basis of a certificate of secondary education certificate (certificate) external evaluation of competitive subjects defined rules of admission.

The application is submitted electronically by completing the entrant electronic form on-line and is considered Admissions Commission according to the procedure of submission and consideration of applications in electronic form to participate in the competition to higher education approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Selection committee checks the accuracy of the data submitted by the entrant to participate in the competition, with a single database or director of the Ukrainian Center for Educational Quality Assessment.

Written confirmation of the Administrator (administrator) Single base of inaccurate information submitted by an entrant to the university, a ground for refusing to participate in the competition and enrollment (cancellation of the order of enrollment).

Selection committee checks the middle mark certificate of education (calculates failing), the result of which is approved by the selection committee and entered into a single database.

The Admissions Committee considers applications and documents applicants and decide on admission to participate in the competitive selection for admission to study at the University within three working days from the date of registration of the application into a single site or the results of entrance examinations (professional studies), but no later than August 1. Disclosure of relevant decisions made on the notice boards of the selection committee and the website of the university.